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Pack Up the Kids and Load Up The Boat

September 9, 2019
Planing a fun-filled fishing trip for the kids

In today’s fast-paced, technological world, it’s evident that people, especially children and young people, aren’t getting outside enough. It used to be that weekends were for family boat trips to the lake. Weekends full of fun family activities like fishing trips and enjoyable family time on the water.

Close your eyes right now, and you can picture it perfectly: the sound of water against the boat, family laughter, a warm breeze, beverages, and picnic in the cooler, fishing poles ready…

At Easy Step, we are about more than just providing the best in helpful and sturdy boat trailer steps.

We think it’s time to bring back the family boat trip, and we want to offer you some ideas—lake ideas!— for planning a fun-filled fishing trip with the kids.

A family boat trip, especially if it involves time on one of the most beautiful lakes surrounding Tyler, Texas, offers many options: fishing trips, casual boating, freshwater fishing-especially for bass, or other fun family activities, such as tubing, for the kids.

Because you’re competing for your kids’ attention against their smartphone, tablet, etc. etc. you might need to think outside the box.

Tips For Planning A Fun-filled Fishing Trip With The Kids:

Pack a Picnic!

It’s easy to get caught in routines when it comes to food. Sometimes those routines creep into our playtime too. Get your family involved in creating a fun, out of the ordinary meal for your fishing trip/boating trip, and make lunch something to look forward to:

· Instead of sandwiches, go ala carte and pack a loaf of french bread, sourdough bread, or even bagels, a block of cheese, and any number of sides such as sausage, pickles, olives, etc.

· Bananas and Apples are good traditional picnic foods, but with so many options available at the grocery store, why not pack something different and fun, like a container of fresh raspberries, blueberries, or blackberries for the family to snack on together?

· Potato chips are the usual snack food of choice for a boat trip, and you can’t go wrong there, but how about trying one of the many flavored popcorn choices that are available in stores. Or even better, save some money and make your own flavored popcorn at home to bring along.

Fishing for Everyone

t’s never too early to introduce your kids to the joys of fishing. Especially bass fishing if you’re on a freshwater lake. Check online or at your local sporting goods store for children’s fishing poles and gear. Having something their size will help your kids get involved in the activity, and really feel like they’re a part of things.

If you’re lucky enough to catch a fish, let them help reel it in or help with the net. They’ll forget all about their smartphone in the excitement of catching a fish!

Make sure your boat is stocked with life jackets that fit everyone. Children’s sizes, even for infants, are available.

Leave the Technology At Home or Put Away

We need to remember, there was a time before smartphones and other such technology. It’s ok to take off for an afternoon in the boat and leave the technology at home. Not only will it help keep everyone focused on enjoying the boat, water, fishing, and other family activities, it will also help create wonderful family memories.

This goes for the adults in the boat too—it’s up to us to lead by example. Keeping our phones put away except for emergencies will help kids follow by example and enjoy the day on the boat!

Be Flexible

Maybe you’ve been looking forward to going fishing all week. For many weeks even. It’s finally the weekend and your chance to enjoy time on the water with your family, a fishing pole in your hand.

But what if your children don’t enjoy fishing?

That’s no reason not to enjoy family time on the lake. Instead of just planning one activity for the day, why not bring gear for all to have fun? Prepare for time spent fishing, and then later throw a tube on the back of the boat and take turns going for a ride!

Your kids might also enjoy time on the water more if they have a friend along. Offer to host a friend or two who would enjoy boating family activities.

Explore Somewhere New

It’s easy to get caught up in going to the same familiar places. Especially when it comes to fishing trips, it can sometimes be hard to try somewhere new. However, trying a new lake can turn the day from a regular old boat trip into an adventure!

Let your family help choose the destination, and plan your route ahead of time or be spontaneous and see where your ideas take you. Especially throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana where there are so many lakes to choose from, it’s fun to find new waters to explore.
Easy Step believes that your time in your boat should be relaxed and enjoyable. That is one of the reasons why we’ve created our custom boat steps. We wanted to make your boat and boat trailer easily accessible.

Family boating time can make some of the best memories. Whether fishing or other boating activities, time on the water is fun for the whole family. Hopefully, these ideas will inspire you to load the boat, pack up the kids, and hit the lake!