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Aging Anglers: Fishing and Boating Tips As We Get Older.

September 24, 2019
Aging Anglers: Fishing and Boating Tips As We Get Older

Your time on the water is precious. Whether you prefer fishing or leisure, being in a boat on the lake under the open sky, the rhythm of the waves rocking beneath you, is one of the best feelings in the world.

Unfortunately, too many elderly anglers and boating enthusiasts are overwhelmed by obstacles to a day on the lake. Too often, difficulties caused by aging make it harder to get out on the water. Rather than enjoying a fishing trip or day boating with the family, they decide to stay home.

Less mobility and concerns about safety can be reasons people choose to miss out on a day on the lake.

Aging doesn’t have to slow you down or stop your days of freshwater fishing or enjoying a boat trip with your friends and family. The key is to find ways to continue doing what you love without compromising health, safety, or comfort. With some out of the box thinking and the help of the Easy Step System boat trailer steps, the days of staying home are over.

Boat Accessibility for Seniors:

Far too often, elderly boaters are limited by accessibility. Thankfully, most facilities at boating access sites are now more convenient than in the past. However, there’s still the issue of getting in and out of the boat. That’s where Easy Step comes in. Our boat trailer steps are designed to make getting in and out of the boat easy and convenient. As avid anglers and boaters ourselves, we understand the need for convenience and safety.

Easy Step knows that one of the main issues stopping elderly boat lovers from getting onto the water is being able to access the boat safely. It can be challenging climbing in and out of your boat, but Easy Step thought of that. Safety is a top concern when going out on the boat for the day, and our boat trailer steps make safely getting in and out of your boat possible. A fisherman created them because he knew what other people who love to fish needed.

Other ways to make the boat more accessible could include equipping it with extra seating, handrails to help keep occupants steady, and plenty of cup holders for cold and hot beverages!

Hydration and Energy!

They seem like little details, but planning ahead for food and drinks can make a big difference when it comes to enjoying a day on the lake. Too often, a boat trip is cut short because people are hungry or thirsty. Packing good food and plenty of liquids helps ensure everyone stays hydrated, energized, and happy. Need some quick ideas?

· Chilly day? Winds off the lake can be cold, but that’s not a reason to stay home. Pack a thermos of hot coffee/tea/or hot chocolate. Also, pack a thermos of hot soup to warm you up and fill you up. Warming liquids will help restore your energy and keep you toasty.

· A simple snack of good bread, cheese, and meat can be fun to share and a quick way to keep up your energy.

· Cut up fruits and vegetables are an easy snack and tasty finger food when you’re on the lake.

· Make sure you pack several bottles of water. It’s easy to get dehydrated when you’re in a boat, and you forget to bring water. Pack one extra than you think you’ll need, just in case.

· If you enjoy cooking, or are open to trying, why not make a family boat trip a reason to try some more complicated picnic foods? Instead of bringing along the usual peanut butter and jelly or ham and cheese sandwich, try a few of these ideas for fun, picnic-style food to enjoy while boating:

  • Breakfast burritos (Scrambled eggs, potatoes, bacon, cheese)
  • Egg Rolls—prepared ahead of time and dipped in sweet and sour sauce or mustard, these can be a delicious, fun, different boat snack.
  • Homemade Trail Mix—try combining mixed nuts, dried fruits, and chocolate chips/M&M’s for your favorite flavor combo.

Safety and Packing Tips:

Too often, accidents happen because people are alone on the water. It’s essential to always have someone with you, and make sure you let others know where you’re going, and when you expect to return.

  • Make sure your boat is equipped with a first aid kit. Routinely check the kit to make sure everything is in place and up to date.
  • Pack a cell phone and make sure it’s charged.
  • Bring along a multi-tool—you never know when you’ll need pliers, a knife, or even a screwdriver when you’re on the boat.
  • Make sure your boat has life vests, and make sure everyone knows where they’re located.
  • Bring along extra clothes. It’s always colder on the lake than you expect, and bringing along multiple layers and jackets can mean the difference between an hour on the water, or enjoying a full day. Just to be safe, pack gloves, a hat, and extra shoes. Cold and wet hands or feet are no fun!
  • Double-check you’ve packed any necessary medications. It’s terrible to get all the way out on the lake and realize you’ve forgotten something important.

Fishing Thoughts:

Tyler, Texas, where Easy Step System boat trailer steps are manufactured and sold, is known for its plentiful lakes and excellent bass fishing. Anglers spend more time than anyone on the lake. Aging can sometimes make it harder to put in those “necessary” long hours of fishing. When planning for a fishing trip, it’s especially important to pay attention to details. Extra warm clothes, a thermos of hot tea, an emergency kit, a charged cell, and the convenience and safety of Easy Step’s boat trailer steps will make your fishing trip easy, safe, and most of all, fun!