Installation Video by Kevin Jones

We found this on YouTube - after you watch the video (and order your new Easy Step System) check out Kevin's WordPress blog - ForTheFisherman.

Installation Instructions:

Phillips head screw driver, ¾” and 9/16” combination wrench and socket wrench. 

½” bolts with STD threads, zinc coated and low carbon. 
Length is approx. 1.5” longer than the depth of the mounting surface for the ESS3, ESS3-SS and ESS3SA. 
Bolts should be 2” longer for the ESS4 and ESS4-SS. 
Also, .5” flat washers and nylon inserted locking nuts. 
Four ½” bolts for the ESS3. 
Six ½” bolts for the ESS3SA and ESS4 models. 
These may be purchased at a Home or Hardware store.

The lower and upper hand rail parts are held together by two split collars with .3/8” holes drilled in them and these .3/8” holes are spaced on one and one half inch centers for a total adjustment of 12” up or down.  
The split collars are held in place by 4ea. round headed set screws for the top hand rail and 4ea. rounded head set crews for the bottom hand rail. 
This allows you to adjust the handrail to adapt to your stature and various bow heights. 
The min. height setting will be approximately 60” to a maximum approx. 74” depending on your requirements. 
In the 60” setting, it should allow clearance to go under a standard 7’ garage door opening. Check to make sure!
After assembling the hand rail, place it over the square 7/8” x 7/8” x 7” high bar stock on the top bracket assembly, and tighten the two set screws firmly in place.

NEXT: Secure the top and bottom brackets to the tongue frame or starboard side frame rail with the .5” bolts, flat washers and locking nuts.

NEXT: For the fixed 3 and 4 steps models, secure the step  frame  (1.25” tubing) to the top bracket with the starboard side saddle with two 3/8” holes drilled in them and secure the two saddles and frame with the two 3/8” bolts and locking nuts supplied. 
Note the steps can be adjusted 2” up or down to suit your preference.

NEXT: Apply mid grade Loctite (to prevent set screws, bolts, and nut from becoming loose due to road vibration) and tighten firmly. In approx. 10 minute the Loctite will set. To remove in the future, heat the treated screws and nuts with a portable propane torch to release the bonding agent allowing you to remove the screws and or nuts.

Capt. Shane Installs His Easy Step System boat trailer steps

Captain Shane Procell runs fishing charters in the Florida Everglades and posted this video of his Easy Step System installation on his YouTube channel:

Check out his website here:
and his YouTube channel here:

Manufactured In The USAImage of American Flag

In Texas!

Custom features built into our steps:

Hemp rolled steps so you can use them barefooted without concern of cutting or bruising your feet

Telescoping handrails on our all of our models to fit your stature or various bow heights

The handrail will fit underneath a standard 84" garage door opening in the minimum height setting

The Easy Step Systems are engineered for strength with a 400lb capacity rating

Our mounting brackets have been processed thru our brake machine to give an extremely strong mounting base

All models feature durable black powder coating for years of lasting appearance and durability

No cutting or welding is needed for our steps to be secured to your trailer

Installation is very simple and straightforward and takes 30 to 45 minutes on average

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