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Easy Step in The Fishermans Guide, News You Can Use 12/17

July 1, 2019
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This article, titled “The Perfect Gift For The Angler” written by Don Hampton appears in the December 2017 The Fishermans Guide, News You Can Use:

If you are looking for that perfect Christmas gift, birthday gift, or just a thinking of you gift for the angler in your life you need not look any further than the Easy Step System. These steps mount easily on any trailer and make getting in and out of your as simple as walking up or down the stairs in your home.

With these steps there is no more crawling on your hands and knees. They eliminate slipping when searching for the fender on your trailer or falling while searching for the trailer fender. Also there is no getting your feet wet when loading and unloading your boat by yourself. Just so you do not lose your balance they come with a handrail to hold on to thus stabilizing you when entering and exiting you watercraft.

These units mount easily on the tongue or frame of your trailer so you can load and unload everyone and everything on or off of your boat safely while still on the trailer. Every Easy Step System is made in America, in Tyler, Texas and has a 400-pound capacity rating.

Personally I’ve had an Easy Step System on my past four boats and cannot ever imagine not having one. There have been times in the past where my foot slipped and I came out with skinned knees and a couple of times even worse. I’ve gotten wet feet in the winter loading and unloading my boat at different ramps, which makes for a very uncomfortable day fishing. The Easy Step System has eliminated these and all problems loading and unloading since I’ve had one. As all of us get older we have to take better care of ourselves. At my age anything I can do to alleviate the pressure on my knees and back I am going to do it. The Easy Step System does just that making my fishing much safer with less problems.

Just recently Easy Step System came out with the new Model ESS-3 18-SM. This model is offset to all for more mounting options. With the sonars, lights, and Hydro-Wave I have mounted on the front of my boat I was having to step over all of these to get onto my boat with the ESS-3. When ESS came out with the new side mount I had to have one. Since I installed that system on my trailer there is no stepping over electronics. I simply walk up the steps and step
into my boat. How could boating be any simpler.

The Easy Step Sytem comes in five different models to fit any trailer whether fixed or swing away tongue trailers. If you are looking for that gift for the angler in your life or if you are an angler seeing the benefits of having one on your trailer give them a call at: 800-966- 1502. You can also check them out online at www.easystepsystem.com or
email info@easystepsystem.com.