Rick High, Texas

I do not do Facebook, Twitter or any other kind of social media. I did want to say how my experience was with you, your company, and your product.

Since I got my 2018 Mako 19 CPX at the end of April 2021, I have been searching for a solution that will assist me in unloading and loading my boat onto the trailer. The bow on the Mako is much higher than any bass boat I have ever owned so getting in and out while on the trailer was difficult. Often, I fish alone so I must perform the boat unload/load process alone.

At the age of 65, I am no longer as agile as I was when I was younger. The ESS4 was the answer. I have used it several times now and it works exactly the way I want it to work. I can easily walk up the steps onto the bow of the boat to back it off the trailer as well as go down the steps to attach the winch strap when loading. If I did not have this solution, I would be forced to wait until I had someone to fish with before I could go out onto the lake. That is not an option. The quality of the product is outstanding. Installation was very easy and straightforward. The ordering process was very easy. CJ Long offered some possible solutions for my boat based on the measurements I sent.

Once I decided on the ESS4, CJ sent me an invoice via email along with a payment portal and that was it. Done! Since I live close to Tyler, TX I drove to their facility to pick it up. CJ even brought it out and put it in the back of my truck!

For anyone who may be hesitant on the Easy Step System, it is the real deal and I highly recommend it. Thanks Easy Step!

Rick High, Texas